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Sydney Whale Watching Cruise

An intimate encounter with the giants of the sea

Experience the magnificence of whale watching on beautiful Sydney Harbour. Revel in the excitement of the first whale sighting as we spot our first pod on their annual migration.

Commencing from beautiful Sydney Harbour, we take you across the Harbour as we cruise towards the heads.

Within 20 minutes you are out into the open ocean into whale watching country. With over 15 years of experience, our experienced staff members provide an informative commentary of whale behavior, and are dedicated to delivering a close encounter with these gentle giants of the sea!

Whale Sightseeing Guarantee

Our whale guarantee is the only operator who provides a 50% money back guarantee from June 1 – July 31 if no whales are sighted. A free return trip on all other dates means you can return on a later cruise and enjoy another whale watch experience.

What's the definition of seeing whales?
By seeing whales we mean that we find and approach at least one whale on our trip.
We want you to have the best experience possible, however as creatures of the ocean every cruise will be different and we think that's all part of the attraction and wonder of a whale watch. Each guarantee is made on the captains discretion on the day.

Does a dolphin count as a whale?
No, we don't count dolphins as seeing whales even though they are part of the cetacean family and we do see them on many of our trips.

If we are booked as a group, do we have to come back as a group?
No, you can come back on separate days if you like.

What happens if I still don't see a whale on my return trip?
In the unlikely event that happens, then you still have a free return trip. We want you to have the experience with the whales.

Can I get a refund instead of a free return trip?
Only between June 1 and July 31 can you opt for a 50% cash refund. Contact the office or your booking agent to assist with this or you may have the opportunity to come out with us again and we offer a FREE return cruise for the whole season.


Whale Watching Season Starts on 14th May 2012

Whale Sightseeing Guarantee
Whale Gallery

Whale Watching Booking

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